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Legislative Districts Set by State Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 4-3 ruling, adopted the redistricting maps that the Republican Legislature drew and passed late last year, but were vetoed by Governor Evers. In its ruling, the Supreme Court indicated that the maps are not only race neutral, but adhere to the least-change approach that the Legislature dictated in a resolution earlier this session, and the Court previously adopted as well. In a concurring opinion, Justice Brian Hagedorn, who issued the previous ruling that was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, said that SCOTUS directed them to start with a race-neutral map, and he believes the Legislature’s maps were the court’s “only feasible option.”

Candidates began circulating nomination papers in April 15, and must submit them on June 1.

There are 29 legislators not seeking re-election this year. The all-time record is 32 set in 1942. There could still be other retirements before the June 1 deadline.

Legislators Not Seeking Re-election

Ron Kind (D)
State Senate
Kathy Bernier (R) - Retirement
Janet Bewley (D) - Retirement
Jon Erpenbach (D) - Retirement
Jerry Petrowski (R) - Retirement
Janis Ringhand (D) - Retirement
Roger Roth (R) - Running for Lt. Governor

State Assembly
Beth Meyers (D) - Retirement
Jonathon Brostoff (D) - running for Mke city council
David Bowen (D) - Running for Lt. Governor
Rachel Cabral-Guevara (R) - Running for State Senate
Gary Hebl (D) - Retirement
Dianne Hesselbein (D) - Running for State Senate
Gordon Hintz (D) - Retirement
Cody Horlacher (R) - Running for Waukesha County Judge
Jesse James (R) - Running for State Senate
Samantha Kerkman (R) - Elected Kenosha County Executive
Mike Kuglitsch (R) - Retirement
Amy Loudenbeck (R) - Running for Secretary of State
Nick Milroy (D) - Pursuing other opportunities
Sondy Pope (D) - Retirement
Tim Ramthum (R) - Running for Governor
Sara Rodriquez (D) - Running for Lt. Governor
Joe Sanfelippo (R) - Retirement
Ken Skowronski (R) - Retirement
Mark Spreitzer (D) - Running for State Senate
Jim Steineke (R) - Retirement
Gary Tauchen (R) - Retirement
Jeremy Theisfeldt (R) – Retirement
Tyler Vorpagel (R) - Retirement


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