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Foundation Raffle

Semi-Annual Foundation Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets - your support is greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to everyone who sold the tickets.

TLW Sign Red
1st Place$10,000Mike FridayPlover
2nd Place$5,000Cheryl HaasMiddleton 
3rd Place$2,500Sam BarrancoSilver Lake
4th Place$1,500Bryan Gobel Danburg
5th Place$1,000Dale OrlikowskiCuster
6th Place$1,000Al Brown Madison 
7th Place$1,000Wade Ebel Sturgeon Bay 
8th Place$1,000Jason KiehnauLuxemburg
9th Place$1,000Mike Kaczmarek Stevens Point
10th Place$1,000Paul SandersMontello 
1st Place$10,000Gail PickoFranklin
2nd Place$5,000Bonnie FisherKron
3rd Place$2,500Cutty BarriaultBaldwin
4th Place$1,500Vicki ZajdaMontello
5th Place$1,000Bill StolizPlover
6th Place$1,000Doug DelebreauCosco
7th Place$1,000Rick SKronenwetler
8th Place$1,000Jean ShaumTwo Rivers
9th Place$1,000Kevin & JimGoodman
10th Place$1,000Kurt RutlinTomah
1st Place$10,000Dan ScheidRhinelander
2nd Place$5,000Jean ShaunTwo Rivers
3rd Place$2,500Jim GavinStevens Point
4th Place$1,500Lorie HelmHales Corner
5th Place$1,000Blake SeeleyMontello
6th Place$1,000Tony EiklandMenasha
7th Place$1,000Jeff HemlGreen Bay
8th Place$1,000Caitlin DrewMontello
9th Place$1,000Dustin EsselmanMontello
10th Place$1,000Deb SeibelRacine

The TLW is my Trade Association. No other organization in the state represents me, the license holder.
With the information I get from the state and local leagues, I am informed on all issues concerning my business.

– Judy Vandenhouten, Houterville Station, Kewaunee

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