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Political Contributions (PACs)


Q. What is the TLW Direct Givers Fund?

The Direct Givers Fund is the Tavern League of Wisconsin’s conduit fund. The conduit supports state-wide and local candidates in Wisconsin.

Q. What is a Conduit?

A Conduit is a political account sponsored by an association that can contribute to candidates for public office. When a member contributes to the TLW conduit, the money is put into that individual's account and cannot be contributed without authorization from that person. When the candidate receives a conduit contribution, the name of the person making the contribution is listed along with the specific dollar amount.

Q. What is a Political Action Committee?

A Political Action Committee (Political Support Program) is a group of people with common interests who pool their financial resources to help elect candidates for public office. Contributions from the PAC are contributed based on recommendations from the PAC Committee and the contributors remain anonymous. The TLW’s PAC is called the Tavern Industry PAC.

Q. What are the legal requirements to making a political contribution?

All contributions must be personal. No corporate money may be used to finance a campaign in Wisconsin. Also, the maximum contribution by an individual may not exceed $10,000 in a calendar year to any combination of candidates in Wisconsin.

Q. Why make contributions to candidates?

Candidates need to fundraise in order to finance campaigns. TV commercials, mailers, polling and signage all costs money. In order to make sure small business supporters are successful in their election bids, it is imperative that we help out financially.

Q. Who decides which candidates receive contributions?

The TLW PAC Committee decides which candidates receive PAC money. The Committee also makes recommendations regarding conduit contributions. However, with a conduit contribution, it is you, the contributor, who decides which candidate your money will go to.

Q. Are my contributions tax deductible?


Q. Is my contribution confidential?

If you contribute more than $100 annually, the TLW must provide the State Elections Board with your name, home address, occupation and amount of contribution.

Q. How do I contribute?

Send a personal check to:
TLW Direct Givers Fund.
11801 W. Silver Spring #200
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Q. How can I receive additional information?

For questions or suggestions please contact the TLW office at 608-270-8591.


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