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OPINION: Federalism on full display as Utah navigates drunk-driving legislation

The laboratories of democracy, a phrase popularized by Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis to describe federalism, are in full swing across the country. One policy experiment some states are considering is lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration level for driving by 40%, from 0.08% to 0.05%. Dumbing down the definition of “drunk” will do little to improve traffic safety.

The policy distracts from the true threat, product abusers. Instead of addressing that issue, some states have considered putting responsible consumers in the crosshairs. The upside-down priorities are glaring.

Thankfully, Utah has been the only state to start arresting light drinkers. But now, the federal government in coordination with fervent anti-alcohol activists is trying to hoodwink the public into believing the change has been an astounding success. The hope is other states will follow. Read more.

An opinion from Richard Berman, president of Berman and Co.


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