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TLW Suppots AB 762/SB 834 – Media Advertising Tax Credit

The Tavern League of Wisconsin supports this legislation authored by Senator Roger Roth and Representative Todd Novak. Assembly Bill 762 and Senate Bill 834 would provide a tax credit for businesses that purchase advertising in local media outlets. The 5-year tax credit directed at small and medium sized businesses would allow them to take a tax credit up to 50% of advertising expenses, up to a total of $5,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on Wisconsin’s businesses. Assembly Bill 762 and Senate Bill 834 looks to address this by not only helping businesses advertise, but also helping struggling media outlets at the same time. At the outbreak of the pandemic, fears of contracting virus as well as government stay-at-home orders crippled small businesses throughout the state. Even as these orders lifted, customer traffic has not fully returned. Assembly Bill 762 and Senate Bill 834 provides assistance to help businesses advertise they are open for business, leading to increased customer traffic and increased economic growth throughout the state.

Assembly Bill 762 has had a public hearing before the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means. There has been no action to date on Senate Bill 834.


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