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TLW Opposes SB 57/AB 71 – Alcohol Delivery

The Tavern League of Wisconsin opposes legislation authored by Senator Duey Stroebel and Representative Gary Tauchen that would allow restaurants and grocery stores to deliver beer, wine, and intoxicating liquor. The reason the hospitality industry is highly regulated is to protect public safety and to minimize underage drinking, public drunkenness, and drunken driving. Allowing for off-premise delivery will make it more difficult for the state to enforce these important laws, and ultimately put the public at greater risk.

Current Wisconsin law (Wis. Stats 125.272 and 125.51 (6)) specify that beer, wine and intoxicating liquor may only be sold on licensed premises and only through “face-to-face” sales. As delineated in the Legislative intent of Chapter 125: “Face-to-face retail sales at licensed premises directly advance the state's interest in preventing alcohol sales to underage or intoxicated persons and the state's interest in efficient and effective collection of tax.” Wisconsin law requires bartenders to take a responsible beverage server training course to train them on issues related to underage drinking and serving individuals who have had too much to drink. Untrained personnel should not be allowed to deliver alcohol to consumers off-premise.

Senate Bill 57 was recommended for passage by the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Legal Review, and Consumer protection on a 4-1 vote. Assembly Bill 71 is in the Assembly Committee on State Affairs and has not had a public hearing.


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