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Chain, Franchise & Multi-Unit Dues Structure

1. The following dues structure shall apply to any business that meet the following qualifications listed under “Regular Membership” in the TLW By-Laws; Section 1 (A) that have more than one location owned by the same entity.

a. An “entity” shall be defined as a “sole proprietorship”, a “limited liability corporation” or a “corporation” and may or may not be headquartered in the state of Wisconsin.

b. In order to qualify under the TLW By-Laws, this membership may be offered to locations owned by the entity or governed by their franchise agreement that are located within the state of Wisconsin.

2. Upon payment of the dues outlined below, each location that is owned by the entity or governed by their franchise agreement shall be entitled to “Regular Membership” as outlined in the TLW By-Laws.

3. Along with the payment of the dues, the entity shall provide the address of each location along with the name of the owner or manager at each location for the purpose of receiving TLW and local league communications. New members from each location will be included on the membership roster for the local league that governs the municipality in which they are located.

4. The first location pays $125 in Tavern League dues plus the local dues of that county. Each additional location that meets the requirements listed above will pay the reduced price of $75 per location and no additional local dues.

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