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Alcohol Delivery Bills

May 23, 2019

Booze Delivery Bills Proposed
Two new bills are being introduced in the State Legislature that would allow for alcohol to be delivered to consumers who are not on licensed premises. The Tavern League of Wisconsin opposes bills that allow beer, wine and intoxicating liquor to be sold without a “face-to-face” sale. Representative Gary Tauchen’s bill (R-Bonduel) would allow retailers like grocery stores and liquor stores or Amazon to deliver alcohol to customers who buy it online or over the phone. His other bill would allow customers to buy beer, wine and liquor online, and then have it delivered to their waiting cars in a retailer’s parking lot. Both bills would contribute to problems of underage access to alcohol.
Current Wisconsin law (Wis. Stats 125.272 and 125.51 (6)) specify that beer, wine and intoxicating liquor may only be sold on licensed premises and only through “face-to-face” sales. As described in the legislative intent of Chapter 125: “Face-to-face retail sales at licensed premises directly advance the state's interest in preventing alcohol sales to underage or intoxicated persons and the state's interest in efficient and effective collection of tax.”
Alcohol is a controlled substance and should not be one click away for delivery like a pizza or groceries. Appropriate safeguards are currently in place to restrict the sale of alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age. Setting up a system where alcohol can be purchased and delivered without a face to face transaction will surely be exploited by underage persons. If someone cannot take the time to drive to a local grocery or liquor store to buy alcohol the state should not make it easier for them purchase that product from an out of state retailer.
Please contact your legislators to register your opposition to the booze delivery bills. If you need help identifying your legislators please go to the Legislative website at: www.maps.legis.wisconsin.gov
Please visit the TLW website at www.tlw.org to see the full language of the booze delivery bills.
The reason the hospitality industry is highly regulated is to protect public safety and to minimize underage drinking, public drunkenness, and drunken driving. Allowing for off-premise delivery will make it more difficult for the state to enforce these important laws, and ultimately put the public at greater risk.
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