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Inaugural DOR on Tap Newsletter is LIVE!

August 1, 2019

For clarity and to make navigation more convenient here is a new outreach tool. Below is a new outreach tool from the Alcohol Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue.  Please feel free to use this as a resource for you and TLW Members. If you have specific questions or comments for the Department feel free to email them at: DORAlcoholTobaccoEnforcement@wisconsin.gov.

You can access this new document at: https://www.revenue.wi.gov/DORNews/DORonTapAIU001.pdf

Dear Alcohol Enforcement Stakeholders:

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is working to strengthen our communication with the alcohol beverage industry. We are excited to introduce "DOR on Tap: An Alcohol Industry Update." Published quarterly, it will provide a report of the activity of the Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Unit here at the department. DOR on Tap is another way to inform and educate industry members, the public, legislators and local officials and encourage voluntary compliance with the law within the industry.

The first edition of DOR on Tap has been submitted to the Wisconsin Administrative Register and is available on the Alcohol Beverage landing page on the Department of Revenue Website. Please also see our "Recent News" items, which includes an advisory on alcohol mist machines.

If you are interested in receiving these periodic updates as soon as they are available, please sign up for the Alcohol Beverage Listserv. Check "Alcohol Beverage News" and enter your email address at the bottom of the sign up form. Then click "subscribe." Be sure to confirm your submission by following the link in the email that you will receive shortly after registering an email address.

Alcohol beverage newsletters will be archived online on the Alcohol Beverage landing page for interested parties to reference at their leisure.

The list we've sent this email to is not exhaustive – we know there are many folks interested in alcohol beverage issues across Wisconsin. We encourage you to reach out to others who may be interested in receiving these newsletters. Spread the word!

Thank you for your interest in these issues. Please feel free to reach out to me or at the contact information listed in the newsletter to share your thoughts. Enjoy responsibly!

Ann DeGarmo
Legislative Advisor
Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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