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May is Tavern Month - Charity Press Release

May 6, 2019

Contact: Tavern League of Wisconsin Executive Director Pete Madland
Madison, Wisconsin - The Tavern League of Wisconsin (TLW), and its 5000 members, is
proud to recognize May as National Tavern Month. The special Tavern Month designation has
been an annual tradition since 1953, and provides an opportunity to create awareness about the
history, charitable giving, and economic impact of the TLW and its members across the state.
“Local taverns, bars, and restaurants have a long history in Wisconsin as a gathering place for
celebrating or commiserating while spending time with friends,” TLW Executive Director Pete
Madland says. “We are also highlighting Tavern Month as a time to share the significant
contributions the TLW and its members made last year throughout Wisconsin.”
The impact by the TLW foundation and its members is tremendous when it comes to helping
charities across the state. The total amount of donations in 2018 was more than $13.6 million in
support of 12,668 charities throughout every county of Wisconsin.
Other numbers focus on the more than 161,000 jobs generated by the alcohol industry in
Wisconsin, and indicate an important, positive impact on the economy with close to $3.2 billion
in total wages paid during 2018, along with taxes totaling more than $2.6 billion paid last year. .
Every member of the TLW, lives and works in their community. And they believe in supporting
efforts to make their community an even better place to live and work. This May, join the TLW in
a salute to its members, and if you choose to raise a glass to Tavern Month, be sure to choose
a TLW member establishment.
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