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Joey's story: A quarter century in the bar business

December 27, 2016

RACINE COUNTY — Joey LeGath is well known to many people from 26 years in the Racine-area tavern
business. He has owned five taverns including, currently: Joey’s on Taylor, 1863 Taylor Ave.; Joey’s on
Lathrop, 2054 Lathrop Ave.; and Joey’s West, 9825 Kraut Road in the Franksville area of Caledonia.
Here are some of his thoughts about his quarter-century in that business.
How did you get into the tavern business?
My father owed many businesses in Racine. Mostly restaurants, and one of the last places he had before he
died was a bar on Taylor Avenue called Art’s Office. I was 18 at the time and started bartending for him. He
ended up getting too sick to run the bar, so I purchased it from him. That was my first bar: Joey’s on Taylor. I
have been there 26 years — altogether, with my dad, 32 years. I often say I owe everything I have to my dad.

What have been some of the highlights during your time in the tavern business?
First and most important, I met my wife, Anna, at Joey’s on Taylor. We have been happily married for 20
years. I also have enjoyed having some of my family work at the bars in various positions.
I never imagined expanding as I have. Over the years I have had five bars. The newest location, Joey’s West, has food, which brings back great memories from my childhood and growing up in the restaurant business.
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