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Call Your Legislator - Making Three Tier More Friendly?

August 1, 2017

Representatives Dale Kooyenga, John Macco, Shannon Zimmerman, Gary Tauchen and Senator Shelia Harsdorf will be introducing legislation to give breweries and wineries an unfair financial advantage over Mom and Pop tavern owners in Wisconsin. Their bill will allow wineries and breweries to obtain a liquor license which is currently prohibited in Wisconsin and most every state in country because it erodes the three tier system and gives wineries and breweries an unfair competitive advantage over Mom and Pop taverns - which is why the law exists in the first place.
Please take a few minutes to contact your legislator and urge them to oppose the bill to give brewers and wineries an unfair advantage over Mom and Pop tavern owners https://legis.wisconsin.gov/. The on premise industry has faced some serious challenges over the last 10 years and this bill will financially benefit wineries and brewers at the expense of restaurants and taverns in the state. Urge your legislators to stand up for the hard working small businesses in their district and oppose this unfair bill!
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