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Legislators seek to dismantle three tier system – hurt Wisconsin’s tavern/restaurants!!!

August 3, 2017

The bill to dismantle the three tier system in Wisconsin is worse than we originally thought. The bill being sponsored by Republican Representatives Dale Kooyenga, Gary Tauchen, John Macco, Shannon Zimmerman and Senator Shelia Harsdorf devalues every existing licensing holder in Wisconsin while allowing large and small beer and wine manufacturers to unfairly compete against Mom and Pop tavern/restaurant owners in Wisconsin by granting them a liquor license morphing their business into the retail segment. This bill will decimate small Wisconsin taverns and restaurants!!
Wisconsin would be the first state in the country to essentially eliminate the three tier system. It is important to note the explosion of craft beer brewers and wineries happened under the current three tier system this bill seeks to destroy. The three tier system allows those in each tier to compete and flourish as we have seen in Wisconsin. This bill dismantles the three tier system and the benefactor will be the big manufacturers. Their bill makes your business less valuable. Let your legislators know you oppose the bill today!
Take a few moments to spread the word about this bill and why it is bad for Wisconsin’s hospitality community. Contact your legislator today to oppose the bill to dismantle the three tier system in Wisconsin and drive small independent retailers out of business.
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