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Stand Up for Small Taverns in Wisconsin!!!

August 7, 2017

Stand Up for Small Taverns in Wisconsin!
Oppose Bill to Eliminate the Three Tier System!
Earlier this week, Representatives Tauchen, Kooyenga, Macco and Zimmerman and Senator Harsdorf circulated for co-sponsorship LRB 3614, which makes significant changes to the three tier system in Wisconsin. Passage of this bill would be devastating to independent Mom and Pop retailers. It is a radical approach to the regulation of the alcohol industry and unlike that seen in other states.
Craft brewers, state wineries and craft distillers have all indicated their support for the bill which is somewhat perplexing given that Wisconsin taverns are selling their products today helping to contribute to their success. Despite our strong relationship with these craft manufacturers they have decided to support a bill which will decimate the very businesses selling their products today. Taverns have supported their business but they don’t support our business.
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