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Legislative update from Madison... Breaking news!

August 14, 2017

Proponents of a bill to blow up the three tier have delayed introducing their bill by at least 2 weeks as they try to find legislators to co-author the bill. We think this is a good sign and illustrates that not many legislators are signing on their bill. Keep making the calls and emails … clearly legislators are hearing your voice.

The bill is being backed by Representatives Kooyenga, Tauchen, Macco, Zimmerman and Senator Harsdorf – be sure to let them know you are opposed!!

Call your legislator today and let them know you stand with Wisconsin’s small retailers and are opposed to special interest carve outs to the three-tier system. The owners of these breweries and wineries have deep pockets, and have indicated they are willing to spend whatever it takes to pass this law to give themselves a financial advantage over the rest of the industry. Make sure your voice is heard in Madison by calling your legislators today!
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