Tavern League Newsroom

Point System Nixed in the City of Racine

February 7, 2018

RACINE — The Racine City Council on Tuesday night decided to send the liquor license of Curmudgeon’s Pub & Grill, 3458 Rapids Drive, to a due process hearing.

Also Tuesday, the Committee of the Whole directed a proposal by City Attorney Scott Letteney to change liquor licensing revocation practices back to his office for a re-draft with requested changes.

The Committee of the Whole meeting included a lengthy back and forth about a demerit-points system included in the city attorney’s proposal that would track offenses by Racine liquor license holders. The discussion was followed by a motion by 4th District Alderman Tracey Larrin that was approved to send the proposal back to the City Attorney’s Office for a redraft that would nix the points system.

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