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Remembering Lou Larson: Well-known area bar keeper died Tuesday

August 20, 2018

Randall "Lou" Larson — a popular bar-owner, bartender, home rehabber and Racine native — was 52 when he died Tuesday at his Lake Winnebago cottage after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

He had a distinctive look, his upper lip perpetually covered with a thick grey mustache that stretched wider than his face. That face was well known across southeast Wisconsin since Lou and his wife, Peggy, ran at least five different bars and eateries over the past 30 years: Peg & Lou’s Bar and Grill in Kenosha, and four Racine operations: Peg & Lou’s Junction Inn, Peg & Lou’s Hole In The Mall, Peg & Lou’s Bar and Grill, and Maxine’s.

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