Member Testimonials

"The Tavern League of Wisconsin is the only advocate I have. Without this group, I would be lost.
The legislative victories alone have helped keep me in business. I can't imagine owning a liquor license and not belonging to this trade association."

--Mark Ryan, O'Ryan's Pub and Grub, Marinette

"The TLW is my Trade Association. No other organization in the state represents me, the license holder. With the information I get from the state and local leagues, I am informed on all issues concerning my business."

--Judy Vandenhouten, Houtenville Station, Kewaunee

"The Tavern League covers my back. It's as simple as that."

--Dell Glass, Elk Lake Tavern

"The TLW is the most effective and the most important organization representing the hospitality industry.
They represent in the state of Wisconsin and in Washington, views of the smallest operator as well as the big operator. It works for you!"

--Jerry Rassmussen, Owner of the Brat Stop, Kenosha

"The TLW is a great leader in our industry and without them a lot of us wouldn't be in business."

--Rob Summerfield, Two-Acres Supper Club, Bloomer

"One of the unique things that my business can offer as a member of the Tavern League of Wisconsin is a free SafeRide home to any of my patrons. The TLW's hard-fought win in eliminating the $250 SOT Tax more than pays for my annual dues. When combining these two things with the most current updates of legislation that affects my business- I can't afford NOT to belong."

--Chris Marsicano, The Village Supper Club, Delavan"

"I recently moved away from Madison WI to manage a food and beverage program. The laws down here are completely different and backwards. Its like one step away from prohibition. The state runs all liquor distribution and has a whole branch of the police force that enforces their archaic laws and regulations. I've seen the amazing results the Tavern League has had effecting laws and regulations in Wisconsin. I feel very confident establishments serving alcohol North Carolina would jump on the opportunity to join an organization fighting for their interests and rights. Thanks for all you do!"

--A Former Wisconsin Resident

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