• FootballMania - 2013 NFL Season
Weekly FootballMania winners can be checked from the links below!

Thank you for playing Football Mania,

Go to https://www.charitymania.com for all the weekly scoring information or check this page below for all the TLW winners. The Wisconsin Tavern League Foundation has added a new sweepstakes to raise money for our foundation. Money raised is used for our charity donations.

FootballMania is your opportunity to win up to $400 weekly during the NFL season. 

  • Buy a ticket for $20 and add your 3 weekly team point totals. 
  • The 8 highest point totals win $400, $200, $100 and (5) chances at $25 respectively.
  • The 3 lowest point totals win $50, $25 and $25 respectively. 
  • Your teams change weekly.
  • Check this site every Tuesday for the weekly winners.
  • Click here to watch the video to see how the game works.

When the season begins, every Tuesday weekly winners will be posted below.

               Weekly Winners:
             Red Tickets (3A010)
             Purple Tickets (3A009)
             Green Tickets (3A008)