• Charity Fundraisers

Despite the economic downturn being witnessed by all members of the Tavern League of Wisconsin, giving to state and local charities remains a priority. While many charities feel the negative impact of the economy, the members of the TLW continue to do more than their share in supporting these worthwhile causes.

We are proud to announce that 2014 saw our members donate over $15,692,436 to over 12,579 charities. Wisconsin charities. “Even though times are tough, our members don’t abandon the charities they have supported over the years” said Rob Swearingen, Past President of the TLW. “It’s a great tribute to our members”. The Tavern League of Wisconsin and its members are proud of their accomplishments and continue to support their communities and work to make Wisconsin a better place to live.

Members of the Tavern League of Wisconsin truly are “Friends and Neighbors Helping Friends and Neighbors”.

This is just the beginning of the list for more fundraising to come.

Please call our office at (800) 445-9221 or email us at info@tlw.org to submit an event.