• Events

The Tavern League of Wisconsin holds several events throughout the year that benefit our members and promote our industry.  Activities range from fundraising for charities and political action to social and educational functions.

Our conventions & Trade Shows are held twice a year and provide an opportunity to network with hundreds of other business people in the industry.  Trade shows, seminars, guest speakers and social events are some of the activities included in each convention.  They are held at various cities throughout Wisconsin, generally in March or April and October.  Our national convention is held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the National Nightclub and Bar Show.

Our state bowling tournament is held at several sites throughout the state and provides an opportunity for bowlers at all levels to compete and have fun while raising money for the TLW Foundation.

The annual state golf tournament, held in the fall, raises money for local charities.  This event is moved to a different location each year.

League Leaders Day is held annually for those individuals who play a leadership role at the local level.  The day is both educational and recreational and is an opportunity for league leaders to share ideas and learn from one another.  This event is moved to various cities throughout Wisconsin that generally are unable to accommodate a convention.

Our local leagues offer a number of activities statewide throughout the year; golf outings, bowling tournaments and banquets, etc. These events provide a means to get together. Check our calendar of events for scheduled activities in your area.  Let the local league know you wish to attend and have a good time with the most hospitable people in Wisconsin.